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Chaos Engineering Stories

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This list provides you with various public stories about Chaos Engineering. If you have an update for the least, please create a pull request! ChaosEngineeringStories Financial Services Starling BankThe Abyss of Ignorable: a Route into Chaos Testing from Starling BankCapital OneContinuous Chaos — Introducing Chaos Engineering into DevOps Practices5 Steps to Getting Your App Chaos ReadyNational Australia… Read More »Chaos Engineering Stories

s3cmd on Solaris10

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Ever wondered if you can use S3 with Solaris 10? This post will walk you through how you can install s3cmd on Solaris 10 to interact with AWS s3. 1. We will need to install pkgutil which will allow us to use the opencsw repository to install wget, python27, py_pip, gnupg /bin/bash pkgadd -d… Read More »s3cmd on Solaris10

AWS Serverless Workshop Image Processing Module 5 (extra credit)

If you are interested and new to serverless, then the is definitely worth your time. This post will walk you through how you can get the extra points in module 5. Here is what you are supposed to achieve once you finish step 5: “The intent of the PhotoDoesNotMeetRequirement step is to send notification to… Read More »AWS Serverless Workshop Image Processing Module 5 (extra credit)

OpenShift 4 Developer Preview

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OCP 4.0 is not out yet but you have the chance to get your hands dirty by going to the following URL Log in with your redhat account and you should be good to go. You will notice that we are using a new installer called openshift-installer. The installer uses terraform to build the… Read More »OpenShift 4 Developer Preview

Inspired (notes) Marty Cagan

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Beyond Agile/Lean Risks are tackled up front, rather than at the end. Products are defined and designed collaboratively, rather than sequentially. It’s all about solving problems, not implementing features Key Concepts Continuous Discovery and Delivery  Will the user buy this (or choose to use it)?  Can the user figure out how to use this?  Can… Read More »Inspired (notes) Marty Cagan

Best practices for securing the container life cycle

IT organizations are using container technology and DevOps processes to bring new-found agility to delivering applications that create business value. However, enterprise use requires strong security at every stage of the life cycle. Nothing is secure by default—security takes work. You need defense in depth. Red Hat delivers multiple layers of security controls throughout your… Read More »Best practices for securing the container life cycle